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TUITION AGENCY SINGAPORE - Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is TuitionAgencySingapore.com?

Ans: We are a reliable tuition agency in Singapore. We provide ONLY qualified, experienced and responsible tutors. Once we receive parents' online request, matching  will be done from our large tutor database. Most registered tutors are undergrads and graduates with diploma/degree qualification. We have registered NIE trained school teachers as well.

2. How do I register as tutor?

Ans:  You can register through the web site.  Click the "Tutor Regisatration" link at the Tuition Agency Singapore Main Page.

3. How do I request for a tutor?

Ans:  Requesting of a tutor is as simple as a click of a button. Click the "Get Me A Home Tutor" link at the Tuition Agency Singapore Main Page.

4. Do I have to pay for the registration?

Ans:  Registration at Tuition Agency Singapore is Free of Charge.

5. Will the information I provide be safe online?

Ans: All your personal contact information is confidential and private. We are committed to protecting your privacy. Please read our Privacy Statement.

6: Upon Confirmation, do i have to pay Tuition Agency Singapore for the service ?

Ans: No, the administration fees of 50% commission is from the tutor's first month's pay. Example: Monthly tuition fee is $300. On the 2nd week of employment, we will collect $150 of the monthly tuition fee from you, the remaining $150 of the monthly tuition fee will be payable by you to the tutor at the end of the 4th week upon completion of one month's service.

7. My child has started tuition. How do I make payment to the agency?

Ans: We collect a small agency fee from tutor's 1st salary payment (50%). For payment details, you may visit Tuition Agency Singapore Tuition And Fees Details.

8: How long will it be before i get a tutor after doing the online registration ?

Ans: Upon receiving your Online Registration, our coordinator will get back to you within 24 hrs or less. We will contact our tutors within 2 business days and get back to you. Normally your child can start to have tuition within a week.

9. I would like to request for a full time tutor/school teacher. Are there any?

Ans: Tuition Agency Singapore have a wide number of registered full time tutors/school teachers. However, tuition rate for full time/school teachers will be higher, and subject to availability.

10. Beside filling up the online form, is there any other ways for me to get a tutor from Tuition Agency Singapore ?

Ans: Currently, we offer only online registration.

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